Uber Munich Airport – Uber MUC Airport

Uber is active in Munich Airport and available in all terminals. Uber Munich is the most effecive transportation from Munich (MUC Uber) with the best rates available for you, best drivers and clean cars.

Airport: Uber Munich Airport



Location: Munich, Germany (AS)

Latitude: 48.35380173

Longitude: 11.78610039

MUC Uber Pickedup – Munich Airport Pickup

1. How to get to Uber Pickup and to get picked up by Uber Munich Airport (MUC Uber) you need to open the Uber App on your smartphone and select the Uber Ride option available :

What is UberX – It is the most cost effective way to drive with Uber.

What is UberXL – For 6 passengers, this is the most effective Uber ride. You can take 6 passengers and up to 6 luggage items.

What is UberBlack – A luxury & premium car ride taking 4 passengers and up 3 luggage items. This car is a high end and usually have lether and black interior.

What Is UberSUV – A great quality SUV taking 6 passengers and 6 luggage items. This is the best option to ride with a premium SUV at the lowest Uber Rates.

What Is UberSELECT – Taking up to 4 passengers and 3-4 luggage items with a premium car. While this is a smaller car it is still a luxury car with leather and all black interior (many times). Selecing UberSELECT you can also get a sports car or a car with 1 seat just for 1 person.

2. Selected the vehicle type? now you need to confirm your terminal number at Munich airport (the Uber App will prompt the question for you for your terminal number), select the gate or door number nearest to you.

3. Walk to MUC Uber Pickup Location and wait for your driver to show up. You can use the Uber App to see the car path and where it is while coming to pick you up at Munich Airport.

MUC Uber Drop Off

Once you get inside your Uber car, share with your driver your MUC Uber Drop Off location and the terminal number. If you do not know, tell your driver which Airline you are flying with from MUC airport, this will help your driver to find out the correct MUC Uber Drop Off point.

Finding out your terminal and gate number at MUC airport?

There are 3 ways to find out your terminal number and gate number at Munich airport: (A). Check the email confirmation you’ve received from your airline. (B). Check the Munich website. (C). Check the monitors at the airport when you arrive. (D). Check the airline App.

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