Baghdad International Airport Phone Number – What Is Baghdad Airport Phone Number?

If you are looking for Baghdad International Airport Phone Number, here is the number: +964 0790 140 3537. Using this Baghdad Airport Phone Number you can contact the main number as well as get to the baggage claime / lost and found and additional traveling assistance for BGW airport contact number.

Airport: Baghdad International Airport Phone Number



Location: Baghdad, Iraq (IQ)

Latitude: 33.26250076

Longitude: 44.23460007

Baghdad Airport Phone Number – How to Contact Baghdad Airport?

Baghdad Airport Phone Number for customer service at Baghdad International Airport (ORBI) is +964 0790 140 3537.

Baghdad Airport Contact Number – What is Baghdad Contact Number?

You can contact Baghdad International Airport phone number to get assistance for the following: lost property, lost baggage, immigration, terminals assistance, special assistance.

The amazing Airport-Codes.Com team is here to serve you with information on Baghdad International Airport (BGW) in Baghdad, Iraq and airports worldwide including Latitude (33.26250076), Longitude (44.23460007), ICAO Code (ORBI), IATA Code (BGW), Address, Country, City and more.

Baghdad International Airport (BGW)

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