Amami O Shima Airport – What Is Amami O Shima Airport Code?

There are 2 codes for Amami O Shima Airport: (IATA Code and ICAO Code). Amami O Shima Airport Code is ASJ, IATA Code and Amami O Shima ICAO Code is RJKA.

Airport: Amami O Shima Airport (ASJ)



Location: Amami O Shima, Japan (JP)

Latitude: 28.43059921

Longitude: 129.7129974

What City Is ASJ?

Amami O Shima Airport is located in Japan (JP) at the city of Amami O Shima.

What Is ASJ?

ASJ is the IATA Code for Amami O Shima Airport. IATA (International Air Transport Association) Code is a standard three (3) digits code a standard code allocated to all airports.

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